Why is my granddaughter crying all the time?

by Marcy

My daughters step daughter is 3 1/2 and cries all the time. She will not play with toys ever! And when they sit down at the table to eat dinner she starts crying. It seems that playing and eating are truly traumatizing to her. The only time she won't cry is if she is sitting in front of a TV. She wont even play on the swing set outside.

Her speech is hard to understand and she still wears pull ups because she isn't potty trained. She also will not talk. She is lucky to say 20 words a day. When asked whats wrong she won't answer. My daughter and her husband has tried to talk to the mother about this but she blows it off and says she doesn't act like that with her. And she said she goes to the potty. Is any of this behavior normal? We are truly worried.

Thank you!

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