Who to call daddy

by Nicky

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 1/2 years, he has a three-year old daughter, who I love more then anything. Her mother started dating a man about 7 months ago, my boyfriend's daughter is now calling him daddy and my boyfriend by his first name. This is really upsetting him. He has been in her life from day one and is a GREAT father. He is not sure how to handle this. He has talked to the mother, but she tells him that she does what she wants to. When he and I were talking about it, I was thinking I didn't even know my father's real name at the age of 3. So someone had to put this in this little girl's head. I have worked with children and I know that they learn from actions, I think that this new guy is reinforcing this behavior but we are not sure what to do or say to the mother and her new boyfriend. Please if anyone has any suggestions please help.

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