What to Do with the Step Children

What to Do with the Step Children

It has been over 4 years since their dad and I have been together. We are engaged. Their mom re-married over a year and a half ago. I do A LOT of stuff for those kids. Pay for the scouting activities, baseball pictures, take them places when their mom and dad can't and even took care of them when she went to see her husband in Mexico. That was for two weeks.

We don't live in their school district, so I had to take them to school every morning and come back and get them. I didn't mind. I special ordered a lot of things for them for Christmas, and holidays. I buy for all our kids.

I treat them like I do mine. I don't leave them out, because they are not mine. I just want to know what to do to get them to respect me. I get called names and yelled at sometimes, and I hate it.

My son doesn't talk to their dad that way, and I don't want it done to me. Are they just angry with a lot of problems or will it all just go away someday?

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