Vynijha Ricaria

by Vernetha
(Miami, FL)

What does the name mean?

Beautiful, spiritual, strong mind and very intelligent, unique one, creative. And great leader.

What was your inspiration? Africa/Indian/Cuban family, faith. I saw her in my dreams before she was ever born. She was happy she brought me so much joy to dream of her. In the dreams, she would always hold my hands while we walked on the beach on the edge of the shore of the water.

She gave me that feeling of never leaving me and we would laugh, and laugh and then I would wake up.

Tell us about your child.

She's intelligent, creative, and spiritual, caring and oh so beautiful and respectful. She's a free spirit and a true dreamer. My daughter has dreams that come true. She can see and feel so strongly into the spiritual world. She will be a leader.

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