very angry nine year old

my daughter has just turned nine and has always been a feisty child , but for the last few months her behaviour has worsened.

She has a very short temper , the slightest thing can set her off, an example was yesterday she asked me to plait her hair, she didnt like the way i did it, so the hair brush was thrown at me. she started shouting and demanding i do it again, i refused because of her attitude , but this just fueled her anger to the point where she was violent towards her brother (he often bears the brunt).

this resulted in meltdown of epic proportion as she was sent to her room to calm down, after half an hour she did eventually calm down.
when she has calmed down and says sorry, i chat to her and ask her why se gets so angry, but she says she doesnt know why , and cant control it, other times she can be a lovely little girl, she has no problems at school and seems to have a lot of freinds and be popular.

these outbursts are putting a big strain on mine and my partners relationship and i feel like im tiptoeing around trying to keep everything calm , its so hard to know if this is normal nine year old behaviour, the violence towards us and her brother is worrying, but i dont know where to turn, would some kind of counselling help, should i go to my GP? THANKS , a frustrated mum

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Aug 04, 2012
Angry Outbursts
by: Laura Ramirez

Although angry outbursts can be a part of child development for some kids, it is important not to ignore them because they can escalate, become a style of relating to other people and a means of the child getting what he or she wants. One of the best tools I've found to break this cycle is a behavior program that you can use at home. This saves you the expense of going to a therapist, especially if your child is resistant to going. It also teaches parents that kids feel good when they do well and not the other way around.

Hope this helps.

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