The Us Factor Review - The Truth About Joseph Melnick's Relationship Program

The Us Factor Review - Does It Really Work?

As a parenting expert who is focused on improving relationships and the wife of a therapist, I thought I knew all the secrets of creating a healthy, loving marriage. After all, my husband and I have enjoyed a fulfilling marriage for almost 19 years. Although I felt pretty confident about what I knew about building a good relationship, when I finished going through The Us Factor by Joseph Melnick Ph.D., I had to admit that I learned important skills that have made my marriage even better.

In fact, Dr. Melnick's program is so packed with ideas and simple practices to improve your marriage, I'm recommending it to everyone I know. Even if you have a good marriage, you can improve your relationship skills and increase marital satisfaction. If your marriage is unhappy or worse, a living hell, Dr. Melnick can help. His relationship program will help you even if:

  • you and your spouse fight most of the time
  • you or your partner has had an affair
  • you are separating or talking about divorce
  • you fight about the kids
  • you haven't been intimate for years
  • you and your spouse hardly talk
  • you have a reluctant partner—one who refuses to go to marriage counseling or therapy
  • you've tried marriage counseling and failed
  • you don't like your spouse and your spouse doesn't like you

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The Us Factor Review: How It Works

Joseph Melnick, the renown psychologist who created The Us Factor starts by showing you the common patterns that couples act out in their relationships, so you and your partner can break free of them.

Rather than just reading about this, you'll see how Dr. Melnick guides real couples through the process. The patterns we fall into lead to friction, boredom and resentment. In The Us Factor, you'll learn how to stop these patterns and recapture the curiosity and appreciation you had for each other when you first met.

Dr. Melnick points out that most adults don't know how to fight. They're either too nice and never get to their real feelings or they fight in a way that is mean, hurtful and never resolves the conflict. Neither style is healthy, since both lead to resentment.

In The Us Factor, you'll learn how to fight, how to touch each other with your words and make impact, how to resolve conflicts (even longstanding issues) and how to get back to the love that has been buried beneath the hurt, anger and resentment all along.

When you lift the burden of hurt and resentment from your relationship or marriage, you'll have more energy for your relationship and for every other area of your life.

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The Us Factor Review - Just for Parents

If you've noticed that you and your spouse or partner are fighting more and more about the kids, then you need this program. When parents aren't united as a couple, it's easy for their kids to come between them. Once this happens, parents fight mostly about the kids, which takes the focus off their marriage and hides their dissatisfaction and alienation from each other. It's easy to focus on the kids and think that they're the problem when truly, the problem is your marriage and the fact that you're not on the same page. In The Us Factor, you'll learn how to come to agreements with regard to important issues about the kids.

Once you learn how to do this, you'll see what a powerful affect this has on your happiness, your children's sense of safety and willingness to follow the rules and the sense of serenity in your home. Plus by doing what is needed to create a great relationship for your spouse, you'll be teaching your children what a good marriage looks like, so they will naturally find a partner to help them create that as an adult.

The Us Factor Review - When You Have an Unwilling Partner

Of all the claims for The Us Factor, the only one that was difficult for me to swallow was the one that said you could fix your relationship even if your spouse or partner was unwilling to help. Like most relationship experts, I understand that a relationship is a dynamic and that what one spouse does affects the other, but I never truly understood the process until I tried it by following the guidance of Dr. Melnick.

The Us Factor review - my test of the claim that one person can heal a marriage.

To test it out, I decided to watch The Us Factor without telling my husband about it and work on a small, but longstanding issue in our marriage without his knowledge. I was amazed at how fast and easy it was to get this to work. The way it works is easy: when you change the way you treat your partner, your partner is compelled to change the way he responds. Simple and powerful!

Of course after trying this, I clued my husband in and we watched The Us Factor together.

The Us Factor Review: Learn how to fight, resolve conflicts and resentments and get back to the love that brought you together in the first place.

What you will witness while watching The Us Factor is real couples getting to the heart of their issues and growing past them. Sometimes, their progress will make you smile and other times, it will move you to tears. What you will learn is how to do the same with your spouse or partner and keep your communication honest and stay strong and connected throughout your marriage.

Dr. Melnick says, "It's easy to fall in love, but most couples don't have the skills to make marriage work." It's not your fault because no one ever taught you these skills and because it's so easy to get disconnected by the curve balls that life throws us, by the busyness of work and raising children and because we get hurt by small issues and broken promises that turn into resentments.

The good news is that you and your partner can learn these relationship skills and use them to build a marriage that will fulfill you both and make for a lifetime of love and happiness.

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The Us Factor Review - What You Get with the Program

The Us Factor comes in a beautifully designed package with 12 DVDs and a workbook. The DVDs take you step by step through the process, giving you the insights you need to learn (by watching other couples learn the process) and teaching you the skills to make it happen. The workbook allows you to record your thoughts and feelings and is designed to use together with the DVDs. How fun would it be to reserve one night per week to watch a DVD and then practice the techniques you learned together throughout the week?

The Us Factor Review: Yes, There are Bonuses.

Additionally, there is a bonus DVD called "The Butterfly Secret" which contains some excellent tips for helping you and your partner increase the sensuality in your marriage. This helps couples recapture the excitement and curiosity of getting know each other physically and intimately. Although the goal is to increase your awareness and sensuality, it's sure to help you in the bedroom.

A good product overdelivers on its promise and The Us Factor does not disappoint. In addition to everything I just listed, you also get access to a toll free number that you can use to call in with your questions or need for guidance and support.

There's nothing more beautiful than a happy marriage that grows deeper and sweeter with time. You and your spouse deserve to give this to each other.

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The Us Factor Review - Parenting Tips


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