Understanding, or trying to understand our children

by Martin Ruiz
(Calexico, Ca 92231 USA)

It is hard to realize, you have to look at your special child in a "special" way... you know he will not understand, the way other children do. So, we have to look at different ways and techniques to get some points across, but try to look in his eyes and "guess" what he is trying to tell you.

It's hard to get that look in your heart, the tears that are about to burst, because he is probably saying "i don't understand you, daddy"... you and your child may come out winners out of a situation like this.

He may not be as clear in his limited means of conversation, but his eyes and expression bring his "possible point" into your heart and mind... this is where you come out a winner, with a better understanding on your child's sense of communication.

Do not shout or lose your patience, if he allows it, look at his face and body language. That will help set the tone, topic theme and behavior for your next evening with him...

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