Understanding Child Development and Why It Is Important

Understanding child development ...

... is essential to raising happy, healthy and resilient kids. In this article, we'll cover why it's important for parents to learn the different stages and recommend two important resources that will teach you how to help your child transition successfully from one stage to the next. understanding child development Understanding Child Development - Why It's Important

  • Knowing where your child is along the path of growth helps create reasonable expectations for child behavior. If you expect your child to do things that exceed his capabilities, then you will end up frustrating him. A parent who shames a child for being unable to do things that are beyond his comprehension will raise a child who feels bad about himself. Over time, this can lead to a permanent sense of inferiority and incompetence.

  • Contrast this with parents who have taken the time to learn about their child's current level of development and the tasks and behaviors that are appropriate to this stage. Such a parents asks the child to do things the child can succeed at without excessive struggle or frustration. This helps the child feel good about herself and creates a sense of competence.

  • Understanding chid development can alert you when your child might be lagging behind other children his age. Although this may not be a cause for alarm, it can help make sure you get your child to the pediatrician to properly check things out.

  • A child who is raised by a parent who takes development into consideration learns to consider the limits of others. This helps children see and accept others for where they are along their own trajectory of growth. This is the seed of compassion and the realization that others can't possibly know what they have not been taught.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to understanding child development. Unfortunately, more often than not, I see parents who have no idea of its importance. They treat their children like miniature adults and punish them harshly for behaviors that are consider normal for their level of development. Tragically, this often leads to abusive behavior by the parent.

Don't be such a parent. If you recognize yourself in these words, you can easily educate yourself about child development. It's not rocket science and it's not just for professionals.

Here are two resources I recommend. One is expensive and although it is quite comprehensive, it is geared more for professionals:


The second resource that will help you with understanding child development is a book I wrote myself. It's won a number of awards, one given by Martha Stewart Omnivision for books that promote conscious living and social change. The bookteaches you development from birth to death and teaches parents how to raise children to become progressively aware of their strengths so that as adults, their lives will become an expression of those strengths.

Buy the paperback version:

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Understanding Child Development


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