Two young boys who don't listen to a word we say and are aggressive

by Need help

I have two young boys that are at the age of 3 and 11 months and the other is 2 and 2 month old boy. My eldest has always been a difficult child, particularly putting him to sleep - has always been a problem. At the moment, he has developed this very aggressive side to him and so if he is unhappy with something he yells, screams, shouts, hits, bites and can smash items or through items at his brother or myself if he isn't happy with a decision that an authoritative figure has made for him or if he is being disciplined! I am at my wits end, as my husband and i both work full time and I am finding it very hard to have any sense of control over him! I am finding it very difficult dropping him off and picking him up from child care three days a week and hearing how terrible he was throughout the day!!! Now his brother seems to be catching on and he practically mirrors everything that his brother does - especially at day care! The younger one is also very defiant. Eg he refuses to pick up toys of the floor or follow instructions as such! So I feel as though I have no control over my children and that everything seems very difficult for me at the moment!!! I don't know what to do? I really need help!

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