Tub time!

by Auria Lett
(South Atlanta, GA, USA)

I never thought that placing a band-aid on a cut finger tip would be one of the most interesting and funny moments that my 2 year old son and I would ever share!!

One evening as I was doing the simple task of bathing him, the band-aid slipped off into the water. When he noticed it floating in the tub, his eyes GREW larger than I had ever seen them before. He grabbed between his legs and gasped, “My PEE-PEE BROKEEEEEEE!”

Watching the expression on his face and hearing his comments, I almost died of laughter. I had to show him that it was the band-aid off my finger tip! He was so sure a part of him was floating in the tub. Poor Baby!

As young as he is, he made a joke out of the matter later. He looked at me with a smile, as I dried him off and with a little chuckle he said, “Ha-Ha, it was just a Band aid!

My family and friends still get a kick out of that silly story.

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