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Let's face it. Treating impulsive behaviors is tricky. No matter how much you love your child, the seemingly endless frustration of coping with erratic behavior is a huge concern. Where another child will think before he acts, your child will try to climb a book shelf and think later, after the bookshelf and all its contents have toppled down on top of him. A child with poor impulse control will do things like dropping a full glass of milk on the floor just to see what happens. Such a child is usually not ready to learn from the consequences of his behavior, even when he can't help but see the outcome.

Parenting an impulsive child is a challenge, not just because of the child's behavior, but also due to the standard treatment. Too many doctors and educators fall back on the easy method of using prescription drugs. Although prescription medications suppress brain function and impulsivity, they can’t teach a child good judgment, and they can interfere with his or her ability to learn to read.

When you’re parenting an impulsive child the question is, "Which is more important: stopping the behavior by suppressing it, or helping the child learn how to control his behavior by teaching coping skills and gentle but effective natural solutions."

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Don’t worry because there are many options. Many people parenting an impulsive child choose to rough it out and avoid prescription medications entirely, relying on good home teaching and supervision, child behavior therapy, and natural alternative medication. Others choose to work with their doctors to design personal programs based on a similar combination of non-prescription approaches with a prescription element added at a much lower level.

Then there are those who find that treating impulsive behaviors in a particular child will still demand prescription medications at a higher level, but they complement this by teaching coping and decision-making skills with an at-home behavioral program.

You are the one parenting an impulsive child. You are close enough to know the risks of treating impulsive behaviors with harsh medications that can worsen your child's condition or stunt his development. This is why it is important to carefully consider all the options.

A good at-home behavioral therapy program that teaches focus and self control is a good place to start as long as you complement this with natural remedies that help to soothe and calm the brain. Of course this should be followed up with discipline and environmental control in the home. Instead of using drugs and flattening your child's impulses, these methods teach a child how to recognize impulses as they are forming, stop and think things through before acting. The skills developed will serve your child forever.

In order for behavioral therapy to be effective, it helps to have a calm and attentive brain. This is where natural remedies come in. Homeopathic medications for ADHD that contain natural ingredients like Hyoscyamus, Arsen Iod, Verta Alb and Tuberculinum soothe the nervous system and increase your child's ability to stop, focus and think things through. While prescription medications are the sledge hammer approach to stopping your child's impulsivity, homeopathic remedies are a gentle, but more effective solution for treating impulsive behaviors without concerns about side effects or suppressing your child's brain function.

Parenting an impulsive child isn’t ever going to be simple or easy. But following a program that includes natural remedies and behavioral therapy will help immensely. Making the right treatment choices will make a big difference in your child’s life, now and in the future. Take the time to look into the alternatives presented in this article. By combining treatments with the knowledge and guidance of your doctor you can come up with the best possible program for you and your child.

About the Author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting. The book teaches parents how to raise children to develop their unique strengths, so they can lead productive and fulfilling lives. It is a journey of self-discovery for child and parent and unlike any parenting book you've ever read.

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Treating Impulsive Behaviors - Parenting Child ADHD


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