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The Total Transformation Program - A Review of James Lehman's System

You may have heard of the Total Transformation program on television. That's where I first learned of it. A week or so after I saw the infomercial, I received an email from one of my subscribers who wrote to say that it helped her to turn around the behavior of her thirteen-year old son who had been getting into trouble at home and at school and who was so disrespectful that his teacher requested he be transferred to another class. This mother was concerned that her child's defiance would eventually get him into trouble with the authorities and wanted to change the direction her son was heading in.

I was so impressed by this woman's account, I purchased the program, so I could check it out for myself. (Note: the people at Total Transformation program will send you the materials on a 30-day trial basis, but you'll want to keep the program because you will refer to it again and again.) Between my husband and I, we have two degrees in psychology—I am a parenting author and have been a parenting educator for decades and my husband has been a marriage and family therapist for over thirty years and has specialized in working with borderline and troubled kids. In other words, we are well-versed in the field of behavioral psychology and equipped to offer a Total Transformation review to parents.

What you get with the Total Transformation Program:

  • JumpStart DVD - provides an overview of the program
  • Parent's Workshop DVD - a recording of a live workshop that will teach you the basics that you need to help your child change his behavior.
  • 7 Audio CDs - a simple, step-by-step plan for changing your child's behavior
  • Workbook - 116 pages long - emphasizes key points in the Total Transformation program, made to use along with the DVDs so you can quickly grasp the core concepts.

I was surprised to learn that in addition to the items above, you get parental support: access to trained professionals who will listen to you, answer questions and offer advice. This is what James Lehman of the Total Transformation Program refers to as his Parental Support Program. I called to check them out with a scenario I had made up about my twelve-year old and was impressed with the methods of resolution they presented. t

Here's a synopsis of how the Total Transformation System works

After going through the materials, the truth about the Total Transformation Program is that you will learn the following:

  • Simple behavioral techniques that will put you back in the driver's seat.
  • Strategies that will minimize fighting between kids, backtalk, disrespect and defiance.
  • How to lead your child to help him stay on track in such a way that he will eventually learn how to lead himself.
  • How to frame your expectations in ways that make your child want to meet them.
  • How to offer positive feedback in a manner that your will welcome because it bolsters his self-esteem (and doesn't make him roll his eyes!)

Although the points above may seem simple, their effects are quite profound.

Parent Teen TroubledParenting ExpertParenting ToddlersParenting CounselorParenting Help

The Lehman Total Transformation system offers a number of practical techniques that parents can use immediately to help a child make changes to his behavior. The techniques focus on small changes that get big results.

That said, understand that this is not a quick-fix program. Anyone who leads you to believe that you can fix your child's problem behavior overnight is pulling the wool over your eyes. However, if you are willing to practice using these techniques consistently with your child, you will see positive changes. The cognitive-behavioral model used by Lehman has a track record of success, particularly with kids who have a tendency to be disrespectful or defiant.

Since you will be learning new techniques as well, keep the program as a resource to refer to again and again.

If you have a child who has difficulty getting along with others at home and at school or who has been diagnosed with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) and may be on his way to becoming antisocial, this is a program that can help him change as long as you are willing to enforce the rules and do the work.

If you do, one day, you could be like the parent who wrote me the email documenting the changes in her thirteen-year old son, feeling the joy only a parent can feel when she realizes that her child has learned the skills to create a happy, productive life and good relationships with others.

Get your copy of the Total Transformation Program

Click on the link above or call toll free 1-866-798-8629 to place your order.

Total Transformation Program - Child Discipline


Note: I am an affiliate of Legacy Publishing because I believe in their product. Before writing this review, I went through the entire program and used its techniques in my own home. If you want to help turn around your teen or child, this is an inexpensive (when compared with therapy or boot camp), humane and effective way to do so.

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