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Total Focus - An Honest Opinion about the Total Focus Program

Total Focus

Total Focus - An Honest Review
by Laura Ramirez
Author of the award-winning parenting book, Keepers of the Children

I first found out about Total Focus when my subscribers contacted me to see if I knew anything about the program. Designed to help kids with ADHD learn how to concentrate, stay on task and curb impulses that lead to inappropriate behavior, this program was developed by Dr. Robert Myers, a child psychologist with 25 years experience who developed it to help his own ADHD child improve attention, concentration and self-control.

As a parenting educator, author and publisher of hundreds of articles on issues related to parenting, I know that helping kids learn skills and coping mechanisms can greatly improve their lives, their performance at school and their ability to form friendships with their peers. As you can imagine, this is crucial to helping a child develop a good self-concept and feelings of self-worth.

As parents, we want to give our children the best chance at leading happy, successful lives, so finding the right tools to help them overcome challenges is a must. This is my criteria for this Total Focus review—does the program give parents of ADHD kids the strategies to help their children deal with their challenges while helping them learn new behaviors that will improve their lives?

Before I give you my answer, let's take a look at what you get with the Total Focus program.

  • Audio CDs
  • Workbook
  • Behavior Plans
  • Bonuses: Additional support materials for parents with kids who have ADHD.

Pictured below is everything you get with the program:

Learn more about the bonuses included in the Total Focus program.

In writing my review and deciding if I would recommend this program, I wanted to make sure it had the following elements—these are things I thought would be helpful for parents of kids with ADHD:

  • A comprehensive overview.
  • Simple tools that parents can grasp and apply quickly. (The ability to make small changes quickly is very motivating.)
  • An easy-to-follow method that helps parents teach these strategies to their children.
  • Real world examples.

The program starts with an explanation of ADHD, its symptoms, possible causes, the diagnosis process and treatment options available. Although this may be a review for some parents, it helps to start with an overview to help put this disorder in perspective. Since worried parents can create anxiety in their children, putting things in perspective is very helpful.

Highlights of the Total Focus program and its contents:

After the overview, parents will learn strategies for making simple, but important changes in their child's behavior. These quick and easy methods are important because it will motivate parent and child and show them that change is possible and that overcoming the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder can be achieved with practice.

The second audio CD shows parents how to use behavior plans. The third lesson teaches relaxation using biofeedback. This is an essential tool that your child will use throughout his childhood and on into adulthood. In lesson four, you'll learn how to use the principles of the Total Focus program in every day life, at school and at home. In Lesson 5, you'll learn how to teach your child to curb impulses and develop self control. Finally, in Lesson 6, you'll learn some simple strategies that improve the ability to pay attention, focus the concentration and stay on task.

After listening to the audio CD's and going through the workbook, I have to say that Total Focus exceeds my expectations. The program over delivers and even includes some helpful bonuses.

Total Focus teaches parents simple skills that they can show their kids. These skills are easy to learn and can be applied immediately. Of course, learning is a process, so as your child learns new behaviors, you will need to be patient, encouraging and supportive.

One thing I've noticed in working with parents and children with ADHD is that often, parents of children with a disorder can unwittingly enable their children, making their behavior worse. Usually, it is because parents feel bad that their children have to suffer. Instead of feeling bad, parents need to tackle the problem head on, find solutions and teach their children the coping skills that will help them make the right choices in spite of the disorder. This is how you empower your child to make real and lasting change.

Although this program will not cure your child's ADHD, it will empower him to make changes that will improve his behavior and the quality of his life. As your child increases his ability to concentrate, stay on task and control impulses, your home life will improve. The real purpose behind this program seems to be to reunite families, get them out of crisis mode and teach them how to work together and be proactive.

With Total Focus, the parent acts as teacher and therapist, giving the child tools and strategies that he can use throughout his life. A by-product of this experience is that you and your child will grow closer and your respect for each other will deepen.

It is my belief that Total Focus more than delivers on its promise. It is a skills-not-prescription-pills approach to helping your child. Best of all you can go through the program with the knowledge that it was developed by a professional, who was first and foremost a caring parent—a man who created this program to help his own ADHD child and then refined it, so that other parents and children could benefit as well.

Now that you've read my review, you can try it for yourself at no risk. Get Your Copy Now. If you'd prefer to order over the phone, you can also call the toll free number: 1-866-620-1323. (Note: this number can also be used by parents outside the U.S. and Canada who want to order the program but have been unable to do so online.)

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Disclaimer: Although I may make a small commission if you purchase this product, I only recommend products that I have reviewed, used myself and believe will benefit my subscribers.

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