Fun Toddler Games for Kids and Parents

Playing toddler games that engage your child physically, mentally and emotionally is a way of deepening your relationship and encouraging your child's development. I can think of no greater joy than a child's squeals and sparkly-eyed delight when a parent engages him in play. In such moments, there is no one else in the world, but your child, you and the kid games you are playing.

Of course playing games with your child also has benefits for you. Taking time out from your to-do list everyday to play a toddler activity will literally set you free. After all, your toddler's joy is contagious.

Playing games with your child will help you see into her heart. You'll learn what fascinates her, what delights her, what wires her tiny body with anticipation and excitement. Best of all, getting down to your child's level and playing toddler games connects your hearts in a lasting way. It also brings out the child in you who has been buried by adult stresses and responsibilites.

As I say in my book, Keepers of the Children

Toddler Games

, the fastest way to see deep into your child's heart is to engage her fascination through imaginative play and fun activities.

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