to the ones that think moms sholdnt be blamed: some moms may not know but many "mothers" are in a blissful denial

by betty
(palo alto)

The signs are there! I remember teachers telling my mother I had become withdrawn, my teacher told her there was something wrong. I tried to bring it up, but with my mothers very shellfish need for blissful ignorance and denial she hushhh me every time. She made it VERY clear, she didn't want to listen. I was a child and did not understand. She put out an attitude about me to my 5 brothers and disgusting pedophile father that I was a crazy bitch... I understand now. Those times I tried to talk... I REMBER. Those time she walked in....I REMEMBER. I know she saw the signs, and ignored. We all grow up and with age comes the ability to come out of the denial hurtful fog of shame many of these pathetic mother surrounded us in. For those that truly did not know, you are in pain with us. Your child was destroyed and you feel the guilt. For those, I am so sorry. But for those, like my mother, who denied something sooooo obvious, we grew up and now we/I know. We were forsaken, left with a beast and the one we looked for rescue, the one we thought would help, saw, tuned her back and allowed the rape to continue. If that is what happened, don't do further damage by further denial of your past neglect. It will only pull the victim back to a time when this same denial destroyed her/his life, trust, childhood, and self. The abuser is a monster, but a mother or father that allows this.... you're not a saint!

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