Tired of sharing the bed with baby

Our 10 month old has gotten used to sleeping in our bed. She refuses to sleep in her crib now and is very strong willed.

When we leave her in the crib to fall asleep by herself she cries for 2 hours before exhausting herself. My husband and I can't take the crying; we all share a room. What can we do to break this habit?

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Aug 25, 2015

kennel flooring

by: Anonymous

I think you should let her sleep in the bed with you so that she can feel more loved.
Also if you have a dog in your house buy it a outdoor kennel flooring material to make him feel loved as well.

Nov 12, 2010
Family Bed is Not for Every Parent
by: Laura Ramirez

A family bed is not for parent and at some point, the child must make the transition to his or her own bed. The problem is that your child's crib is in your room which makes it difficult to try the method of progressively helping your child to sleep on her own. Obviously, you need to get your sleep to be the best, most loving parents you can be, but understand that your child craves the comfort of sleeping with her parents and she will be resistant to giving this up.

That said, I recommend that you read The Sleep Easy Solution.

Hope this helps.

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