Tick and Lyme Disease: Facts About Transmission through Frozen Eggs and Pregnancy

Tick and Lyme Disease Question:

I have recently been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and have been trying to locate information as to the possible risk and/or transmission through my eggs. I was hoping to freeze my eggs while undergoing treatment but none of my infertility specialists know about this and/or do not seem to be worried about my passing Lyme to a child.

To answer your question, I consulted with Dr. Charles Jones who is the leading pediatric specialist in the United States on Tick and Lyme Disease. According to Dr. Jones, Lyme Disease can be transmitted in utero from mother to child. If you have Lyme disease symptoms, your eggs may be infected too. Freezing your eggs will also freeze the organism that causes Lyme.

Rather than freezing your eggs right now, you may want to undergo treatment and wait until you are symptom-free for two months. Dr. Charles Jones has had great success with lyme disease treatment that includes giving mothers-to-be (who have been symptom free for two months) antibiotics before conception and throughout pregnancy. To date, 108 babies have been born to mothers previously diagnosed with tick and lyme disease. These babies have been symptom free.

Since Dr. Jones practices in New York and you live in Toronto, you may want to consult with him. As I mentioned, he is a Lyme Disease Specialist who has achieved great success and is willing to consult with other doctors. This wonderful man is very committed to his cause and his patients. His number is (203) 772-1123.

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