The Incredibles Movie (Parent Movie Reviews with Kid Reviews and Comments)

The Incredibles movie makes for a great afternoon or evening of family fun. The Incredibles are a family of cartoon superheros (and their children) who rediscover their super powers when the head of their family (Mr. Incredible) is kidnapped by a power-crazy fiend who adored him as a child, but has grown into his nemesis.

The Incredibles is family entertainment at its best. Pixar has created a highly engaging story line with effects so real and subtle, you'll have to remind yourself that you are watching a cartoon. As a parent, the thing that I liked best about the Incredibles movie was watching the child characters discover their unique powers and how to use them to do good things in the world. (Read about how to help your children discover their strengths in real life by reading my book, Keepers of the Children.) My boys and I had a fascinating discussion after the movie drawing parallels between the kid characters and my children's unique strengths and talents. (The parent movie reviews that receive the highest ratings on my site are those that create dialogue between parent and child that teaches important concepts.)

Although there is violence in the movie, it is more about self-defense and protecting others from the actions of a rival who wants to rule the world. While I could have done without so much violence, one thing that especially impressed me was the balance of power—males and females (of various age groups) showed their strengths and weaknesses in unique and endearing ways.

When I went to see the Incredibles movie, I was accompanied by my husband, my eight-year old son Colt, my eleven-year old son Dakotah and his friend Allen. Their kid movie reviews comments? "Tight, funny and cool!" In other words, they loved it and recommend it to boys and girls their age.

My recommendation: go see The Incredibles movie. Purchase a copy when it comes out on DVD. It will become a classic that you'll want to watch again and again. It will also make a great movie to watch at sleepovers.

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Parent Movie Reviews Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Kid Movie Reviews Rating: 5+ (out of 5)

MPAA Rating: PG (for action violence)

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