The 24 yr old stepdaughter...

by Kristina F

I know that 24 rs old is a little too old to possibly be looking for help, but the situation has become very bad. I married my husband 3 yrs ago, when his daughter was 21. She was in college, and had a history already of taking advantage of her father (a party at his house, where she and her friends trashed it, not paying bills, which dad ended up paying, lots of partying,etc).

When we got married, she got very upset, said that our age difference was horrible (I was 40, he was 53) and let everyone know it. I thought we were over this: I tried very hard to be a good stepmother-I took a firm hand with her, didn't let her get away with anything, and we have had a good relationship-here is the problem.

At the end of April, my son came home from college (he is 20). We have a house with guest cabin, and I told my son he could stay in the cabin until he started his summer job at a youth camp at the end of May. (My step daughter had asked to live in the cabin at the first of June, when she came home from college).

Well, my husband let our daughter have a "get together" at our house one friday night, when our son had moved some of his things into the cabin...I asked my son to make sure the cabin was clean, so her guests could use the bathroom in there, and I was going to come home late from a rodeo with my son later that night, so no one would be inconvenienced-(son was going to stay in the house with me).

Everything was okay, until Mothers Day-she came over to our house very angry, very ugly to the guests we had over, stating "I guess I don't have a place to live!" No one ever said she could not stay, she acted very spoiled, and ever since, my husband and I have been fighting about this-he has been picking on my son, who has a job, moving out to stay at the camp because he doesn't want to be in the middle.

My stepdaughter has no job, very angry, and has said she does not accept the marriage between her father and I. I really feel that this is going to tear everyone apart-I cannot talk to my husband about it without us getting into a fight. Please help.

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