A Counter Terrorism Handbook that Helps Parents Help their Children Cope with the War on Terrorism

Feature Book Review:
Raising Kids in an Age of Terror
A Father's Strategy on the War on Terrorism
by C. Brian Silver
Book Review by Laura Ramirez

I've always taught my children that knowledge conquers fear.As I wrote in a previous article, if your child is afraid of spiders,help him find out all about them, so he'll know which are harmlessand which are not. Knowledge helps children develop reasonablefears that will guide, rather than paralyze them. This samerule applies to children's fears about terrorist attacks. We need to know allwe can about these people in order to prepare ourselves forthe possibilities.

As you are well aware, terrorists do not think like us. Inorder to anticipate their actions, we need to understand themfrom the inside out, the way an FBI profiler understands themental landscape of a sociopath.

We are fortunate that one concerned father took this totask and turned his desire to protect his children and provideanswers to their fears into a valuable counter terrorism handbook. In "RaisingKids in an Age of Terror," author C. Brian Silver reveals howterrorists think, why they hate us and how we can protectourselves, while turning fears into knowledge.

In a clear and balanced way, Mr. Silver investigates whywe find ourselves in this conflict, the history of terrorism, how vigilance can thwart future attacksand how to live with the threat of terrorism. Although thesesubjects provide food for adult minds, the underlying premiseof the book is how to relieve adult anxiety through understandingand preparation, so the parent can help children cope withthe fear of living with the war on terrorism. Silver devotesan entire chapter to this subject.

In "Raising Kids in an Age of Terror," Silver does more than investigate the problem and how it was created, he offerssolutions as to what we, as individuals and as a country, cando to help resolve the situation. At the end of the book, thereis an appendix that offers a disaster planning guide, a checklistand the supplies that you will need in case of a terrorist attack.

If you or your kids have been plagued by uncertainty oranxiety since 9/11 or if you don't fully understand the conflict, I urge you to read this book. You'll come away witha perspective on terrorism that will allay your fears, helpyour children cope with theirs and prepare you and yourfamily for the uncertainties ahead.

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