Ten year old irrational

by Linda Cantave
(Ballston Spa NY 12020)

Two years ago, my 10 year old daughter was diagnosed with anxiety disorder; she is still having trouble behaving her age. She is very capable, but when challenged she acts like a two year old. My daughter avoids challenging tasks and blames everybody for her; she never takes responsibility for her actions or works at changing her behaviors even when she knows the consequences, instead she blames tiredness, hunger, the way someone looked at her. For instance, Gabrielle knows that the school district is debating whether or not she would be able to move to the Middle school next year. They feel that although her behaviors are somewhat tolerable in fifth grade, they would be considered a violation of school of conduct, and she would be sanctioned to severe punishment. They suggest that she is put in special school for kids with behavior disorders event though she is very capable. My daughter doesn't want to leave her friends but refused to make appropriate changes in her behaviors. She acts irrationally as if she is a 2 year old. when things doesn't go as planned she threw tantrum in-front of everyone, all her friends and class mates feel bad for her, yet she shows no sign of concern, shame or care, she leaves the class whenever she doesn't want to do an assignment.in addition, if she is confronted she screamed as you are hurting her, she intends to make you feel at fault and later acts as if nothing happened. She loves school, she always wants to go to school and she doesn't want to be sent home; yet she screams so much that she has to be sent home. When we came to pick her up she screams at us calling us names, names that make the school question our parenting skills. on several occasion she screamed, "you are going to beat me when I get home, you always beat me, I don't want to come home with you I want my Daddy." she is not like that at home, but lately she has been very defensive toward me, and she avoids activities that she used to enjoy, because she is not good at them, she said.

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Aug 17, 2012
Story of my life
by: Diane

My daughter is 7 and is the same way combined with the 7 year old from India and after fighting not to put her on meds, she was officially diagnosed as ADHD and I just had to up the dose of her meds. Wish there was a way to do this without the meds, but i feel like i', taking care of a 2 year old. Have a son tht will be 1 next month and 1 a girl on the way in November and i feel like I'll have 3 babies now, smh

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