temper tantrums

by mini

my daughter is of 8 years now..her disobedience is my problem..since i was working, up to 4 years she was taken care of by my mother. even though we were living together i couldnt take care of her. its better to say my mother didnt allow me to do that because of her affection to the granddaughter. 3 yrs back we shifted to another place and her school also changed..now she has a brother of 3 years..she loves him very much but at the same time jealous about his fairness, as she is dark...nowadays she is as disobedient as i cant control my anger and i used to scold her by using very bad words and also beat her..now she is very poor in study also..her only interest is outdoor playing.. so please help me to creat a healthy relation with my daughter and give some tips to control my anger...my daughter is shy also....how can i make her smart and how can i help her to study and score marks in exam.............

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