Teens and Drugs and Teen Sex
Talking to Your Kids About Tough Issues

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Teens and Drugs ...

Review of The Teen Code
How to Talk to Us About Sex, Drugs and Everything Else—
Teenagers Reveal What Works Best

Book by Rhett Godfrey
Book Review by Laura Ramirez

Rhett Godfrey, author of The Teen Code is an incredibly insightful teen. After doing years of research and exchanging emails with teens across the country, Godfrey has compiled an essential guide that helps parents communicate with kids about teen sex, teens and drugs, grades, money issues and divorce.

Many of Godfrey’s suggestions about how to talk with teens are excellent, while a few will make you smile. I agreed with his insistence that parents should make certain that kids learn precautions about teens and drugs and teen sex from them, rather than kids at school. Although some of Godfrey's ideas reveal a youthful idealism, they are grounded by end-of-chapter commentary by his mother, New York Times best selling author, Neale S. Godfrey. Ms. Godfrey’s parenting experience combined with research and interviews with leading experts lends credence to her son's visionary ideas, while dismantling those that are lacking in a parent's perspective.

Talking to teens about drugs and sex is natural if you follow Godfrey's advice and "don't personalize."

The beauty of The Teen Code is that parents will learn how to talk to their kids about teens and drugs and teen sex (and other touchy subjects) while getting pointers from all sides—from the wise-beyond-his-years voice of Rhett Godfrey, to the voices of teens across the nation; from the insights of Rhett's mom (who has raised two children of her own) to leading experts in the field.

What makes The Teen Code an essential parenting resource is its collection of real life stories about how teens reacted when parents approached them about issues such as teens and drugs and teen sex. These excellent illustrations show how parents often approach their children without sensitivity, effectively pushing them away. By contrast, the book also offers stories about the types of approaches that work and why. In this way, a parent learns what she has been doing wrong, how to alter her approach and improve her chances of being heard. As a parent, that's your ultimate goal--to reach your child and build a bond of trust that grows as your teen matures. If you can give your teen the information and perspective that he needs to make wise decisions on his own, then your words will become a fixture of his conscience.

Recommendation: The Teen Code is a book that belongs in the library of every caring parent.

Title: The Teen Code
by Rhett Godfrey
Hardcover $17.95
272 pages

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