Teenagers Texting While Driving? A Solution that Makes Teen Drivers Safe

Teenagers texting while driving? This is a big concern for parents. Since teens are inexperienced drivers and being distracted by their cell phone can affect their their ability to pay attention, this can be a setup for car accidents. What can parents do about this alarming problem?

Before you can fully appreciate texting while driving dangers, especially when it comes to teenagers, you should understand how much at risk they are for accidents without taking into consideration the fact that they may be texting or talking on their cell phones. First, teens from 16-19 are at a greater risk for accidents than any other age group. This is due to inexperience. Every year, 5000 teens die in car wrecks and over 400,000 are injured. When you add texting while driving dangers to this list, you have a prescription for danger, death and destruction of property.

Talking on the phone while driving is equivalent to driving drunk. This is how much using your cell phone while on the road narrows your attention. Adults who think that they can drive and operate a cell phone are fooling themselves, especially if they're texting. If you are doing this in front of your kids, then you are modeling dangerous behavior. This danger is even greater for teens who are just learning how to drive or who have only been driving for a few years.

Did you know that you are four times more likely to have an accident while on your cell phone? Teenagers texting while driving are eight times more likely to have an accident. Actually, this statistic is actually for adults and may be much higher for inexperienced teens.

Texting While Driving Dangers

There are a number of reasons that using a cell phone while driving increases your risk of having an accident. First, our brains have not evolved to multitask in this way. Second, paying attention to the cell phone narrows our focus, severely compromising peripheral vision, so we can't see kids on bikes, for instance, or toddlers who run into the street. Operating a cell phone while driving greatly increases reaction time. Studies have shown that it takes an additional 22 feet to stop a car whose owner has been using a cell phone. This is a distance that could mean life and death to a pedestrian or driver.

Recently, after learning about needless deaths caused by drivers who were teenagers texting while driving or adults operating their cell phones, talk show host, Oprah Winfrey has started a nationwide campaign to urge drivers to put away their cell phones while operating motor vehicles.

Although Oprah interviewed a teen who killed two adults because he was driving while talking on his cell phone, she did not specifically address the subject of teenagers texting while driving.

Since teens are a high risk group period, parents must do all they can to prevent their teen from becoming a statistic. Think about what could happen. Your teen could die in an accident while paying more attention to his or her cell phone than the road, wreck the family car or cause the death of someone else and be charged with manslaughter. The dangers are real? So what can parents do?

Many parents are insisting that their kids turn off their cell phones while driving. These same parents have told me that they've called their teen while they knew they were on their way somewhere and the teen still answered the phone. If your kids are disobeying the rules, what can you do?

Teenagers Texting While Driving: The Solution

As the parent of a sixteen-year old who just got his license, here's what I did. I bought a program that disables texting and cell phone use while driving. It uses GPS positioning to determine when to disable the phone. This means that teenager texting while driving will not happen anymore. The program prevents calls and texts from being made or received. Parents can also selectively reactivate the program. feature at will, for instance, if your child is on a bus on the way to a field trip, you can enable the phone.

While this program was designed by a dad who was worried about his own teenager texting while driving, it can be used for adults too. If you are tempted to answer texts and calls while driving, buy this program for yourself and you won't have to worry about causing an accident or modeling poor driving habits to your kids.

Joined the nationwide campaign initiated by Oprah to stop cell phone use while driving. Let's make sure everyone is as safe on the road as possible, especially our teens who have their whole lives ahead of them.

Learn more about the program that prevents cell phone use while driving

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