Teenage Daughter and Fiance Problems

by Sam

Teenage Daughter and Fiance Problems

My teenage daughter is brilliant. She is in advanced classes, at the top of her class, one of the top in the state on her instrument, can sing beautifully, and is a leader in her church and youth group all at the age of 17.

My fiance is everything I want and need in a mate, not to mention that he loves my children and would do anything for them. My problem is that my daughter is so disrespectful to me and him that it is taking a toll on our relationship.

When she acts this way I usually respond by grounding her, but her schedule is so busy with school and church-related events that she is duty bound to attend that it's really not like being grounded at all.

Then there is always the taking away of the cell phone, home phone, internet, etc. These methods usually work for a while but do not last. My fiance is sick and tired of feeling like he is taken advantage of. Because when she needs something, he gives it to her. When she does good at contest or on grades he rewards her.

His feelings are hurt and like most men, he pushes those hurt feelings down and doesn't deal with them, because he doesn't know how. He is to the point of just pretending like she's not there.

Talk about heartbreak! What can I do about these teenage daughter and fiance problems?

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