Advantages of Overcoming Teen Depression with Natural Supplements Instead of Prescription Drugs

Teen depression is a growing problem and since teens are a high at-risk group for suicide, it is essential for parents to understand how they can help their children emerge from a depressive state with their sense of self intact, ready to take on the challenges of life.

Teens with depression are the number one cause of death in the United States for certain ethnic groups, especially blacks and Native Americans. The suicide rate of this group is much higher for boys than girls. Although teen girls may attempt suicide as often, boys are typically more successful. Even though all attempts should be taken seriously, just remember that with boys, it is likely to more than just a cry for help.

There are many drugs available to treat teen depression on the market today and since we cannot look at each of them in detail in a brief article, we will talk about the use of antidepressants for teens in general. Then we will look at natural alternatives and how they can be very effective, especially when you follow some other simple steps.

The first thing that parents need to know about drugs is that they all have side effects. This means that while some can tolerate the side effects, others are just more sensitive. The problem is finding the right drug, which is a case of hit or miss. In fact, your child may have to try drug after drug until he finds the one that works well for teens with depression. Although the side effects are particular to each drug, common ones include weight gain, a sense of impending doom and an increase in suicidal thoughts.

Although these drugs do work well for some teens, they have been implicating in causing other teens to take their lives, so it's important to do your research and proceed with care. For instance, Paxil, is well known for suicide risks in teens. If you opt for the prescription medicine route, make sure your child is being supervised by a medical professional.

The next thing that parents need to know is that antidepressants do not cure teen depression. Instead, they just suppress the symptoms. If your child stops taking the drug, then the symptoms are likely to return unless the cause of the depression is dealt with also.

Finally, the long term effects of using drugs to treat depression on a developing brain are not yet known. During the teen years, the brain reconstructs itself. It gets rid of entire neural networks that it no longer uses and builds new ones based on the teenager's experiences and relationships.This is why understanding teen development and how drugs—whether street or legal—can affect the brain is so important.

For these reasons, many parents are turning to natural remedies instead. These all natural, herbal formulations have been used since the dawn of man to treat depression. Not only have they been passed down by countless generations, they have been proven effective in clinical trials.

Look for quality ingredients like St. John's Wort and Passion Flower which work by calming the nervous system and increasing the productions of feel-good neurotransmitters in the brain. They are a safer, gentler, and more natural way to treat teen depression and for most teenagers, are more effective than drugs because they do not come with all the fears and concerns about potentially dangerous side effects.

Eating good food will further boost the action of the supplement. When a teen has been depressed, his brain is in need of healthy oils and phytonutrients to heal the damage caused by the depressive state, so that eventually the brain can start functioning properly again and generating a more positive, hopeful mood. Choose lean meats, fresh organic produce in season, whole grains, nuts, etc. Make sure to cook eggs and meat in healthy oils like olive or coconut oil. Supplementing with omega 3's is important an important way to feed the brain.

Once your teen starts feeling better by taking the supplement and making healthy food choices, get him involved in some sort of exercise. The body was designed to move. Exercise relieves stress and helps to renew the body, mind and outlook on life. It also increases energy and motivation.

You may also want to try behavioral therapy which teaches teens to stop negative thoughts from spiraling out of control. Obviously, this is a skill that we could all do well to learn.

Follow these simple steps and your child can emerge from the darkness of teen depression permanently.

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