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Below are teen book reviews of books that will capture your teen's imagination and transport him (or her) into a different world. Although many teens are reluctant to read, reading is a skill that is required throughout life and should be encouraged by parents.

What better way to get your teen to read than by selecting books that speak to his or her interests? Or books that feature characters that speak to the issues your teen is grappling with? (Please be patient as I add new reviews.)

Although t.v. shows may engage your teen, they fail to make use of your child's imaginative mind which is a precursor to creative thought. The images on t.v. and in video games are pre-imagined for your child and require no effort on his or her part. Contrast this with the experience of reading a novel: the teen uses his mind to transform the words into images and enter the world of his imagination.

Balance t.v. and video game usage in your home with time spent reading books. The books reviewed below will help you choose a compelling selection of novels.

Teen Book Reviews:

Teen Book: "The Last Chance Texaco" by Brent Hartinger

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