Teen Alcohol Abuse Statistics

To help parents become more aware of teen alcohol abuse statistics and the behaviors that often accompany drinking, this article covers binge and heavy drinking. The resource for all statistics cited is the NHSDA.

First, some definitions. A binge drinker is a teen who drinks a large number of drinks (usually, five or more) within a short period of time. The idea is to get drunk as quickly as possible. This can lead to alcohol poisoning and a variety of risky behaviors because teens lose their inhibitions when drunk. teen alcohol abuse statistics The teen alcohol abuse statistics for binge drinking are alarming. In the year 2000, one in six kids between the ages of 12-20 reported that they had participated in some form of binge drinking during the past month. One is six. That's a pretty frightening statistic. This poll was taken across a wide range of students, so it includes students who do well in school, are athletes, as well as those who are average students.

The rate of binge drinking for adolescents and teens matches the rate for those who engage in this behavior and are over the age of 21. Current statistics report that there are over 7 million binge drinkers in the United States who are under the age of 21. Hopefully, your child is not among them. The races most likely to engage in this behavior are whites, Native Americans and kids of mexican descent.

Binge drinking sets the stage for other unhealthy behaviors. For instance, teen binge drinkers are much more likely to use other illicit drugs than those who do not engage in this behavior. Drugs that accompany binge drinking include marijuana, and hallucinogens. Of course, these teenagers also tend to smoke cigarettes. Teen alcohol abuse statistics shows that binge drinking declines after age 22, regardless of the educational level achieved.

Heavy drinking is about drinking alcohol as a way to cope with stress over time. Teen drinkers who fall into this category are usually dependent on alcohol. This means that when they stop drinking, they will experience withdrawal symptoms. In a survey that was conducted in 1999, about 4% of teens ages 12-17 were characterized as heavy drinkers. Teen alcohol abuse statistics show a greater correlation between heavy drinking and use of drugs, both legal and illicit.

If you think your teen is drinking, get help now. Don't let your child become part of these teen alcohol abuse statistics. Read this review on the Total Transformation, an at-home behavioral change program that can help you get your teen back on the right path. Don't let decisions made during the teen years affect the rest of your child's life. Take action now.

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