Teen age love

by Stracy
(Madison, Wisconsin)

My stepson, who is 17 years old, brought his girlfriend home in June and she lived with him in my basement through August. I told him that I was not okay with that, but he said she was going back to college.

She did go back and he brought different girls to spend the night when she was not there. I talked with my husband and he did not think it was a big deal. I told him that I felt disrespected in my own home.

I began complaining to my husband and my stepson. My husband then went to my stepson and said your step mom does not want you and your girl friend to live in the basement. He then told him he was tired of hearing my mouth, so he would have to do something.

Then my stepson brought his girlfriend again and I complained and my husband called for my stepson and my stepson packed up and left. Now, I feel so hurt because my husband permanently damaged my relationship with my stepson.

What do I do now? I am so angry with my husband for not backing me up. What do I do?

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