Teen Abusing Alcohol

by Jenn Krimmer

I have a 17 year old who has been drinking off and on since she has been 15. It is now a real problem. She goes to counseling, she must be "snowing" the counselor, because she says she is pretty much a normal teen. My daughter tells me all the time that I am the only parent who over-reacts. Isn't it my right to do so? Every time she gets out, she drinks in excess, comes home drunk, etc. She is abusive, nasty, cruel, etc. She is a bright girl, with a huge future in front of her. She is a very talented artist. I'm afraid I'm losing control, not that I had any real control. She will be 18 in November.

Do I just let it go? That would be REAL hard. It is really causing problems in our home, we have 5 other girls, she's the third oldest. It causes marital problems, everything. She goes to a private school, my husband is not willing to let her return to school for her senior year if she doesn't stop the drinking. I don't know really what to do, I'm lost.

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Dec 14, 2008
Teen drinking alcohol
by: Laura Ramirez

If your teen is "snowing" her counselor, but can't fool you, then you need to bring the therapy home. Although this may be exasperating initially, it will be quite rewarding as you do the things necessary to get your teen to change. More important, you'll be saving her life (the danger of alcohol are insidious especially on a developing teen) and preventing her from leading an unhappy, unproductive life. Although it may seem far away, one day, she will thank you for taking action.

Take a look at this behavioral program which will teach you step by step how to help your daughter make positive changes in her behavior so she no longer needs the alcohol. Yes, this will be work for you, but the program DOES work.

Know that behavior like this doesn't get better; it just gets worse until your teen hits rock bottom which could mean a situation in which she injures herself or someone else or forever changes the course of her life.

Behavioral therapy has been shown to be the most effective way to get people to permanently change their attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle.

Jun 03, 2008
Stop Your Teen from Abusing Alcohol
by: Laura Ramirez

If your teen is heading in the wrong direction, you must a stand. It's too late to try to talk to her (you've been doing this for years with poor results), so you need to stand tough in order to help her turn herself around.

Your daughter needs a good therapist, one who is smart enough to bust her, rather than enable her. My husband specializes in dual diagnosis clients who self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. They are called dual diagnosis because these people suffer from personality disorders (like borderline personality disorder, which is characterized by the statement, I love you but don't you dare leave me!) Because these personality disorders create so much psychic tension, they medicate themselves in order to get some relief.

Although your daughter can be nasty and cruel, she is truly suffering or she would not need to self-medicate. She is also causing great suffering in your home. Please get help now. Fire her counselor immediately because she is in over her head. Find a professional who specializes in dual diagnosis treatment or contact me using the Contact Us form on my web site and I'll put you in touch with my husband who has specialized in this type of therapy for almost thirty years and does sessions over the phone. Don't hesitate. You need to take action now while your daughter is still under your protective wing. By doing so, you will be doing all you can to help your daughter save her life.

Once your daughter is in the care of someone who is smart enough to bust her, yet caring enough to help her see the truth of what she's doing to herself and her family, read my book Keepers of the Children which teaches parents how to raise children to develop their strengths, so their lives become an expression of integrity and strength and so that rather than running from their life, they embrace it because they have the courage and deep desire to discover who they truly are.

My heart goes out to you.

Jun 02, 2008
tough love
by: grandma

i know there is more to this story. you and your husband are probably in the moderate income level in order to afford private school since you have other children. here is some questions to ask yourselves. she disrupting family life as you say, but are you supporting her habit? do you want your other children to idolize her habit as most children observe consequences to actions. if the punishment is not challenging enough, then they may follow in sister's footsteps. and as always in a marriage one has different approaches to parenting skills. one maybe lenient while the other wants more support for the decsion making for the behavior of the incident. if it were me, one i would tell grown child because that is how they veiw themselves until they get into trouble, she will have to get a job for her extras. a safe home and food is all what as a parent we are bound to for life. two tough love, if she is going to continue this behavior, get together with law enforcement and have a restriction on her licsense.when it is whatever time of night let's say 10 pm for her age, call and report her as not home. third find out if you can who are her "secret' buddies are and call the parents and ask if they have noticed behavior changes in their child. also if they have been caught with alcohol with her , make it clear with that other parent your child is not allowed to be at the home. in other words this is one way to cut off her supply. but by making a teen sign a contract to have them held accountable for their actions would also be a very good idea. that way they can not stand up and yell curse etc in your face what she can and will not due. she is to be responsible for her own chores in the house. as bad as you may not want a untidy house, limit it to her room. cut off her cell phone privlidges. it is not a neccessary item, but a luxury item. get a program on the internet so you can monitor your children's "buddies". this can be done without any of your children knowing that you and your husband know what they are up to and also may lead into the insight of what type of kids or adults they are hanging out with. and lastly, have her arrested for being under the influence. i know this is very tough. she may hate you, but hopefully one day they will appreciate you.above all get help for yourself with a counsler, therapist. alcohol is a drug. an addiction clinician may can help you and your husband keep some sanity. i hope this helps you.

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