Student Athletes: No Grades ... No College ... No Kidding

Student Athletes: NO GRADES ... NO COLLEGE ... NO KIDDING!

Sports Illustrated liked that catchy title so much they wrote a story about our foundation. "Your kid doesn't have to be a 'phenom' for sports to help pay for college, said SI. The only absolute qualification is academic standards. Student Athlete, a magazine for kids seeking athletic scholarships, tells its readers:

No Grades ... No College ... No Kidding."

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) sets rules for college eligibility: a minimum GPA in 13 core courses. College sports are very big business, earning hundreds of millions for colleges, and the NCAA is the Big Dog ... what chance does an athlete with C's and D's and low SAT score have to play in college? Slim to none.So, what is a lazy, underachiever gonna do? Probably turn a lot of burgers, and wash cars ... until someone builds a robot to do that, too. Only the human brain can program itself to become an athlete and every brain is capable of great achievements.

Why waste this wonderful gift?

Think about it. Any college's "out-of-pocket" cost for a full scholarship is about $1000 per year ... the food you eat in the cafeteria; it's the same cost at HARVARD or SAN JOSE STATE. Every other expense is a "fixed cost" that goes on whether you are there or not ... lights burn in English 101 regardless of who attends. Excellence in sports and class is the college's justification for helping you ... and your full scholarship costs them only $1000 in "real" cash out of pocket.

Colleges want student athletes who will be a credit to the institution, be successful graduates, then give back to their alma mater. And college sports are a traditional part of campus life ... the Army Navy game is the world's most watched college sporting event. How many ND graduates were first drawn to the school by Notre Dame football games? But football is only one of 15 to 18 varsity sports funded by colleges ... scholarships are offered in soccer, track, lacrosse, volleyball, crew, diving, tennis, golf and even CHESS!

Colleges want and need student athletes for their varsity teams; rosters of all teams total some 500,000 student athletes. Bringing good grades makes it easier for them to help you ... help them.

We like Long Island FC Copa Coach, Ronnie Alber's approach. His team's soccer players must present their report cards to him. If your school work is below your capabilities, you sit, and that's how it's going to be in college ... no kidding!

Copyright 2004 by Bob Collins

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