stubborn defiant child

by Patricia Early


I have 3 kids two girls 2and a half and a boy who is 8 and a half. He is very loving and great with his sisters but is such a stubborn defiant child with me. He will argue most days about homework changing his clothes just about everything. He refuses to go anywhere even birthday parties and makes any outing upsetting with his no and im staying in the car.

I take away privleges when he acts out but will follow me around pleading with me to give them back and then gets angry when he gets nowhere and just acts worse.

He just about listens to his father but seems to have no respect for me .. Then when it suits him he would do anything for me. I just would like to understand why he does not want to get involved in things and is such a defiant child about certain things.

His teacher has also commented how he will put his head on the table and refuse to do some things he is asked.He has always been shy which i completely understand but its the defiance which really upsets all of us.

If you have any words of advice i would be grateful,

Thanks Patricia

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