Step-mother full-time while the "birth-mom" receives the financial benefits?!

I'm a step-mom to my husbands 3 children. The two boys are 7 and 5 and have the same mom. The youngest, girl, is 4 and has a different mom. We take care of them all week while they are at school. After school on Fridays we drop them off to their mom's and pick them back up on Sundays. (We do all of the transportation as they have none of their own. And they never try to offer gas money or even be considerate with our schedules because we're the ones doing all the transportation.)

The mother of our girl claims that she is the primary care-holder and receives welfare along with food stamps and other financial aid every month. As we get none for her. I actually had to have my husband go to court and clear his child support case with her because it said he owed money! When he's been the primary care-holder of all 3 of his children their whole lives.

The other mother, the mother of the 2 boys; claims 1 of her children as we claim the other. So out of the 3 that we take care of we get support for 1. Which really isn't enough for us right now. It has been this way since I met him over 3 years ago...everyone is so used to this idea I still think it's totally unfair and unjust.

What do you think?

Not to mention the mother of our girl has another child who is older and who she lost custody of a long time ago and is currently getting weekend visits every once in awhile. The mother of the boys...just had a newborn boy not from my husband of course...but she will be adding him to her case of children she supposedly fully cares for.

They get their food, utilities, and even rent paid because of this. I don't want to take away their food, utilities or roof over their head because they do not have jobs or even an education. But I don't know what to do. If we weren't struggling I wouldn't have a problem.

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