step-father molested my daughter ex wife knew

by dennis
(terr haute,indiana)

The step-father being a professional manipulator knew how to cause fear, threats, control. As soon as I found out about the incest I immediately called my attorney because my ex wife was not doing anything to stop it.

Even after court ordered counseling the step father still tried. I got emergency custody. After 1 month my daughter went back to the mom and step dad!

I have tried and tried to have a relationship with my daughter over the years...she is distant and cold with me. She maintains to this day a relationship with the step-dad. Her Mom is dead now for 5 years...why does my daughter still have contact with her pedophile!?

I feel very betrayed, hurt, just don't understand. My daughter is married with a great husband and their 4 boys. I have sent messages, emails, texts, to no avail.

Any advice would be helpful. Thanks

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Oct 28, 2015
bad situation NEW

I can't understand what caused such a cold relation from her. Maybe her mother and step father had a great influence on her while she was a child. or the fact that you were not living with her and her mother. Maybe you should talk to him, maybe somehow he will help you. Or talk to her husband and ask for help, explain the whole situation.

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