Stepchild's Mother is the Problem

by unknown

Stepchild's Mother is the Problem

I have a wonderful stepson who is in the 6th grade, but he has a mother who is a nightmare. I am constantly hearing from other people that she is telling them horrible things. Such as just last week I ran into my stepson's coach and he told me that apparently the first thing she said to him was that if he were going to have any issues it would be with me, that I am always one to start something and give people a hard time.

I know this sounds minor, but this was just one day. This sort of thing happens practically (and no, I am not overreacting) every day: I hear something from someone, or she is being nasty to me, or she is even telling my husband horrible things about me.

I don't know how to handle this aggravation on a day to day basis. I can let things go but it gets really hard when I am constantly, I mean like everyday, hearing something new.

I know that she is not going to go away that is why I so desperately need help trying to cope with all this. I bet some of you will think this is childish, but honestly, I am human and I can only take so much.

Please, anyone have any advice? I have tried just ignoring her. I have tried confronting her. Nothing works. I need help.

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