Step parent spying on teenage stepdaughter

by Trisha

My husband is upset because my daughter age 16 no longer wants him to speak to her. Mostly because he calls her a b---ch. she is actually a top student. An athlete. Has many girlfriends. All other adults recognize how mature she is. But since she got a boyfriend my husband has gone ballistic. He claims she is trying to break us up. He yells at me all the time saying he wishes she would move in with her boyfriend. I love my daughter. I don't want her to leave home. We have a caring trusting relationship and my husband is completely jealous of any time we spend together. I sometimes fear for both of us. He was married before and had 5 children with his ex. He has a very bad relationship with his 3 girls. They are all older than my daughter. We rarely see his children unless they are in a play or doing some sport. Most always in a public place and his ex is always there watching!

I need suggestions on what I should do to help my husband grow up.

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