step mum of two with one of my own

i feel like giving up and taking my baby away from all of this. i love my partner very much. he has a 10 year old boy and a 8 year old girl. i have no problems with the boy but its the girl i cant cope with. i have been trying for years to cope but i cant. she just seems to be nice to me when her dad is around and when hes not she does things like hurts my 1 year old and gives me loads of abuse.

i am only 19n and i have tryed to be a good mum but nothing seems to work with her. every time i try she just dont care. she is attention seeking 24/7. i was helping my step son with some home work so she decided to throw something at me and my baby. i feel stuck i dont know what to do. her dad says he dont want to discipline her because he dont want to make her feel bad but when i try all she does is tell me where to go and refuses to do anything i ask.

she also hurts her older brother if he wont do what she wants and of course he gets angry and pushes her away and she will run to her dad and say hes beating her up but hes not its the other way. i desperately need advise. her dad wont allow me to seek help as he says she will be taken off him. any advise on what to do?

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