Starting Home Day Care Business: Resources that Help You Plan for Success

If you're a stay-at-home mom, you've probably thought of starting home day care business to supplement your husband's income and provide playmates for your child. Although children fight, they also entertain each other. Starting a day care business will benefit you and your child. Your child will have playmates and learn social skills and you will earn money while you stay at home.

Starting a home day care business is easier than you think. Especially with the resources I'm going to recommend, but first, let me share an inspirational story. When I thought about putting up a "how to" home day care business page on my web site, I mentioned it to a friend. What he told me stopped me in my tracks. He said that his sister had been running a home child care business for the past four years. She takes care of six children including her child and makes $1200 per child. I did a quick calculation in my head. "Let's see—5 x 1200—that's $6000! She could possibly be making that much for running a home day care business!" I protested. My friend simply shook his head. "Yes, she does," he said. "She makes more than I do."

Although you may not make quite that much (my friend's sister lives in an exclusive neighborhood in San Diego), you can make money while providing playmates for your children or only child and helping out other parents who desperately need good quality child day care. If you love children, it's a great business to be in, but you you need a day care business plan. The best strategy for starting any business is to find a mentor—someone who has done or is doing what you want to do. Before starting home day care business, I recommend you start with the book shown below.

Starting Home Day Care Business: Everything you need to know: what is required, what to charge, how to attract clients, establish a schedule, manage cash flow, keep records, make your clients happy and grow your business. home day care business plan

For running your home day care business efficiently, you'll want the software package below. This package contains everything you need to keep proper records: including child's name, address, birthday, medication, allergies, special diet, etc, bookkeeping records, billing records--includes attendance hours that lets the parent log in and log out the child, etc. It even comes with a Palm PDA program. You'll have everything you need to run a professional child day care.

Run your home day care business like an organized professional. starting home day care business

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