Spiritual Parenting - Why Parenting is the Journey of a Lifetime

What does spiritual parenting mean to you? Do you think it means raising your child to adopt your religion? Those who are truly spiritual understand that there is a different between the two. Spirituality unites us, while religion puts us in separate camps which are divided by beliefs. Spirituality has room for all beliefs and recognizes that each creed has strengths and weaknesses. It has no need to defend itself to dissenters or cling rigidly to certain points of view because it has room for all.

Spiritual parenting is a lot like that. Rather than making a child into this or that, it encourages the child to become more of who he is. This means helping the child to develop his God-given strengths which may ultimately mean that the child will walk a path that is very different from his parents.

This style of parenting is about encouraging the unfolding of a child's unique talents. While most parents understand the importance of attending to a child's physical needs, they may not realize that the child's emotional and spiritual needs are equally important.

It's about acting in the present moment, while keeping a big perspective. It's about seeing your child's behavior in relation to the type of person he is becoming.

Spiritual parenting is a journey deep into your heart. If done with curiosity and wonder, parenting is one of the most fulfilling tasks you will ever undertake. You will learn more about yourself than in any other earthly endeavor.

Spiritual parenting is alternative parenting at its best. It is not a reaction to something, but a deep response to the love and responsibility a mother feels for her child. Within this love are the seeds of awakening, the desire to give her child a better life and the understanding that in order to do so, she must question the beliefs she has adopted and acted from most of her life.

Although it may be challenging, the best aspect of spiritual parenting is having the opportunity to bear witness to the unfolding of your child's physical strength, emotional fortitude, inquisitive mind and compassionate heart. As I write these words, I smile because I know from experience that there is no greater gift that a parent can give herself or her child.

To learn more about spiritual parenting and how native ideas lend themselves well to this point of view, watch this brief video:

About the author: Laura Ramirez is the author of the award-winning book, Keepers of the Children: Native American Wisdom and Parenting The book combines ancient Native American secrets with cutting edge psychology to show parents how to raise children to develop their natural strengths and lead uniquely fulfilling and purposeful lives. It is a highly original and deeply spiritual book. It is the winner of the Nautilus Award—an award that honors titles which promote conscious living and social change—and NCPA's Best First Book, Best Non-Fiction How-To and the Gold Medal Book Award.

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