Soon to be step daughter.


My question: My fiance was living with his mother before we became engaged, she is very close to him. He has a 11 yr old daughter of whom I've tried to be very understanding, and respectful. However, she will not stay with her dad here when her dad has her, she will only stay at the grandma's house.

It is making me feel punished or like an outcast with her and it hurts. I also have a son who is 13, he gets along with my fiance and they are around each other a lot.

So my question: should my fiance be running back and forth to grandma's house to hang out with her? Or should he make it that when you are with dad you have to be with me? I only question this because I don't know how to get any relationship with her if I never see her. Also she has told her mom I'm nice and she likes me. The grandma loves having someone with her, whether it be her son or granddaughter. Feeling confused.

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