Son is extremely emotional

by KT
(Dallas, TX)

I have a 10 yr old son. Months ago I noticed extreme change in my son's behavior. He is getting extremely emotional about things that involve me (mother). He cuddles a lot, hugs a lot and kisses a lot in the public or at home. Repeatedly, tells me how much he misses me even if I'm away for grocery shopping for a hour or two.

He has done tremendously well in studies. Straight A's and 100% in Texas state exams.
He plays with kids of his age that he knows day in day out in school or summer camps.
It did not seem like a depression issue to me or ADHD. Not sure what to think.

He is very short tempered and does not like it when my 8 yrs old daughter hugs me or touches me. He'll come running to hug at the same time when she is around and then they both start fighting. Unfortunately, he always get in trouble with my husband for being loud and bossy with his sister. My husband is little biased towards him and more attention goes to my daughter. I felt initially that was the reason my son was drawing towards me to fill the difference he felt from my husband.
My husband compensated by playing with him and getting him stuff of his choice.
My son doesn't seem to be satisfied with what he gets. Sort of seems a little too much greedy for being a child.

There are many times when he is very well behaved and helps a lot in the house. Does things to please me but in return he starts cuddling and kissing again which makes me uncomfortable sometimes. Not sure how to deal with it.

I started doubting my instincts but other people also noticed it. They don't find it normal either. My husband feels, that is abnormal for a child of his age to be doing this in public. I'm planning to take him to pediatric or Psychiatrist to get an understanding if I'm over analyzing his behavior or is it normal for a 10 yr old boy to do that.

Please share your advice or suggestions to move forward. I'm really concerned and I do wish any long term consequences for procrastinating this now.

From a concerned Mother - KT

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Jul 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

I meant I do NOT wish to see the consequences of procrastination...

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