Son Gives One-Word Answers

by anamaria
(wellington, fl, us)

My son gives one-word answers to us and other adults.

He's a great kid. Has many friends. Is well liked. But, when we try to engage him in conversation it's "good, okay, I don't know, yes, no" answers.

We are extremely frustrated with what seems like lack of caring or not wanting to be bothered. He mumbles when he speaks to adults. Although at school he does well doing presentations.

I'm not sure how to get through to him. I told him that if he's asked a question to repeat the question in the answer. When at home, if there are no friends around, all he does is watch TV (which I have now taken away).

He often seems sad and will say that he has nothing to talk about. I know not everyone is outgoing but I would like to find a way to teach him to communicate and how to have thicker skin. He takes constructive criticism to heart. Something as little as being asked if he noticed anything different while throwing a baseball incorrectly will set him over the edge and upset him.

Other parents love having him play with their kids because he's so easy going with everyone. But you put him in a conversation with an adult and he's lost. How can I help him?

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Jun 09, 2011
One word answers
by: Anonymous

First of all, people shouldn't be diagnosing other people's children unless they're a doctor. The boy who gives one word answers is a typical kid. Mom shouldn't need a psychiatrist to tell her that. It's very, very frustrating, I know, because I have one at home and now the daughter is giving the one word answers. Especially teens, they don't like to be questioned at all! When they're ready, they'll talk. Until then just be patient.

Nov 28, 2010
Mood disorder
by: Anonymous

sounds like your son has a mood disorder

my son started acting this way because of his stupidity he smoked sythetic thc because he wanted to fit in with his friends. It effected his brain but now a days after rehab only responds with one word when u ask him a question with yes, no , i dont know ,maybe,nah, AND even while asking a question to him he gets annoyed

You need to talk to a psychiatrist for a diagnosis and understand the toughest part as a parent is to accept the fact your son has a problem and it wont be fixed overnight but a long process and you as a parent will also need to get some help as well because this will also take a toll on you and anyone in your household. (this type of things are whats makes or breaks a family and really tests them)

If you think something is not normal usually means it isn't go with your gut and get help

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