Single Parenting

I'm 27yrs old, a single mother to a 6yr old girl. Its always been just my daughter and I, her father has and never was in the picture, since the time I was pregnant with her. She has always been the sweetest, goofy, funny, helpful little girl.

Up until a year and a half ago, I started dating this guy who is now my boyfriend. I love him very much and things are pretty serious between us. But ever since my boyfriend and I been together, my daughters behavior changed for the worst. She started acting out badly, rude, disrespectful, not listening, not as helpful, talks back with attitude, whine, and yells back.

My little girl and bf are like hot oil and water.. out of a 100%..... 20% of the time they are ok and getting along, but the other 80%, they aren't getting along... It's like they're not very fond of each other, can't speak to each other respectfully. Yes, everyone gets fed up and irritated when she doesn't listen or talks/yells back or have that attituee when asked to do something or not able to do something. Most of us in the home can take how she is and not stoop down to he level, but my bf gets to a point where he cannot take it anymore and stoops down to her level and talks the same way back and I know he shouldn't which I do correct him on and talk to her after.

With the two of them, I'm forever feeling stuck in the middle and it's hard on me... It's tearing me apart because they both mean soo much to me. It's like the way she is behaving thats not my little girl that I once knew. The little girl I know had more respect and love towards others. Don't get me wrong, she has a very big heart and and is very loving, and I know my little girl is in there somewhere I just don't know what to do, why her behavior changed, what can I do to get my baby girl back and get her back on the right track, and if her and the bf will ever get along? Please I need help....


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