Single Parenting Tips for Raising Happy Healthy Kids

Most single parenting tips focus on how to keep children from becoming embittered about a divorce, or how to help them stay away from destructive behavior caused by the stigma of solo parenthood. Not so many give advice about how single parents themselves can become better people in order to be effective guardians. While it may seem like a cliché sentiment, being in control of one’s life is a requirement for caring for and nurturing other people. This is especially true in the case of single parents.

single parenting tips

  • Attend to your health and personal needs. Being a single parent definitely requires stamina particularly when raising younger children. There are some accounts of newly divorced spouses sinking into crippling depression for months after the separation. While you may feel as if the world has stopped when a marriage or partnership ends, remember that there are children depending on you to be strong for them.

    In view of this, one of the most important single parenting tips to follow would be to make healthy lifestyle choices. Make an extra effort to eat well, exercise regularly, take breaks once in a while, and not allow negative thoughts to control what you say or do. Doing these sets a good example for your kids, and underlines the fact that you will be there for your family no matter what the circumstances are.

  • Build a network of relatives, friends, and professionals to help you. Even though you may fancy yourself as Supermom or Superdad who can take on the challenges of solo parenthood alone, it is good to acknowledge from the start that you can do with a helping hand every now and then. Allow close family members to offer their assistance and advice when you need them.

    Very young kids require constant supervision and watching over, so have a list of reliable and competent babysitters who are willing to help out even on short notice. Always keep the contact numbers of doctors, teachers, and other professionals you can turn to in case of emergencies and other concerns. These single parenting tips aim to make life for solo parents easier and more manageable.

  • Be respectful of your children’s other parent regardless of your history. Sadly, there are many divorced or separated people who end up poisoning their kids’ perception of their other parent. Children need to feel loved and nurtured by both of their parents. Witnessing your anger and bitterness at the failure of your own marriage or union could cause them long term emotional, psychological, and spiritual harm.

    One of the most vital single parenting tips for separated parents involves being respectful, or at least civil, towards your ex-partner. Keep your marital-related issues away from your kids and never give in to the temptation of saying unkind things about their other parent. Allow your children to still have two parents they can look up to and depend on as they grow up.

  • Spend as much quality time as you can with your kids. This means not just being physically present for them, but emotionally, as well. In the event of a divorce, remember that it is not only the ex-spouses who go through a miserable time. Children may not easily show it, but they get affected in different ways.

    One of the most effective single parenting tips you can follow is to bond with your kids in simple and creative ways. Doing art together, playing board games, watching movies, taking walks in the park or having picnics are just a few suggestions. Quality time does not have to be expensive. What is important is that they help you and your kids heal from the consequences of a separation, and that you will be there for them every step of the way.

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