Single Parent Dating Tip Advice and Checklist

The most important single parent dating tip is to create a strong connection with your child. Do this by making your child a central part of your life and establishing routines that will make him feel secure before you start dating. If you make your child your priority, then he will feel secure even when sharing you with someone else.

Most single parents have the best luck by using an online dating service. This is because you can get to know a lot about someone before you start dating. My single friends have had the best results with this online dating service.

When you start dating someone new, proceed with care. Do not introduce your date to your child until you have confidence that this person is who he presents himself to be. To find out how to ask your date questions that will reveal character and what he truly believes without offending him, we recommend this resource . If you don't think this is important, then consider this: do you remember Amber Frey's admission that she let Scott Peterson pick up her daughter from school after their second date? She thought she knew him, but she didn't. Be careful that your need for adult affection doesn't lure you into assuming someone you've just met is safe.

Although it may take the romance out of the relationship at first, another single parent dating tip is to check out the person you are slowly getting to know. You can enjoy another person's company and still be attentive to important cues. Watch your date's behavior. For instance, does his behavior change when he is around different types of people? How does he behave when you have to cancel your plans with him? Does he respect your unwillingness to introduce him to your child until you know him better? Does he truly understand that your child comes first? How does he feel about children? Does he understand that you and your child come together as one package?

A person's behavior is driven by his values. Based on your observation of this person's behavior in a variety of settings, how would you characterize his beliefs? Do they coincide with what he tells you about himself?

Single Parent Dating Tip Checklist:

  • Make it clear that your child comes first. A mature adult will understand and respect this.

  • Establish routines with your child that show him that he comes first. Stick to these routines when involved in a romantic relationship. Do not cancel plans with your child to go on a date.

  • Don't tell your child that you are dating until you feel your date has relationship potential. Until such time, simply say that you are going out with a friend.

  • Make sure your child feels secure in your love for him. If he is anxious or acts out, address his fears or anger in a caring and reassuring way. How you treat your child during these moments is more important than what you say.

  • When you feel you know and trust the person you are dating, introduce him to your child. Make initial visits brief. Note how your date interacts with your child and your child's response to him. Do not permit your date to spend time alone with your child, until you see that he genuinely attunes to and values your child as a person who is separate from you. Trust your child's perceptions. If your child doesn't feel comfortable around this man, investigate why.

  • Have your child call the person you are dating by his first name. Don't make the mistake of letting a child prematurely call a man "dad" or "daddy" or "uncle."

  • Perhaps the best single parent dating tip is to take it slow. If this relationship is leading to marriage, then you'll want to make sure that this man is the right man for you and your child.

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