Seeing Things Change

Am I a parent? No, I'm 17 years of age and I too can write a list of things. Being the second oldest, I'm supposed to follow my brother's footsteps and be just like him. He's supposed to be my leader, but instead he has become another person joining gangs and fighting the cops. To be honest, yes ,boys are going to be boys, but a man would realize his mistakes and become someone...

Life has it's complications and tribulations...yes only the strong will survive. But you have to be willing. Is it okay to chastize your child "Agreed 10000%"

As a child, a wooping meant "You betta straighten up." With a son, you have to be able to put him in his place and not let him control you.

Let that boy know that you have been through life and that it's his turn and that he only has one life to live.... And that he must live it to the obeying his parents.

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