Scholarships for Dads - Apply Now to learn more about getting funding for dad education. (Note: Any father or father-to-be, 18 or older, who is a resident of the United States is eligible to apply

Scholarship for Dads - Get The Money You Need for College & Change Your Life

Find the best Scholarships for Dads. Go back to college on your terms without using up all your savings. Register now to win the $10,000 scholarship and browse all college grants available for fathers and single dads!

Dad Education Opportunities.

scholarships for dads

You can get a college grant if you are:

  • A man, 18 or older, who is a U.S. resident
  • A father-to-be
  • A married dad
  • A single dad
  • A couple who is looking for scholarships for moms and dads
  • A father whose children are grown

You qualify as long as you are at least 18 whether you are going to college for the first time, going back to finish a degree, or going back to get a graduate degree.

It's smart to do the research to see if you can qualify for the many available grants and scholarships for dads.

Register for your chance to win the $10,000 Scholarship Award and then browse our database of all available dad educations grants for single, married, divorced and widowed fathers and even dads-to-be. Don't hesitate! The contest ends soon.

Reasons to Go to College

You may be want to go to college to retrain yourself for a new career, finish your degree or get an advanced degree, so you can get promoted and make more money. You may also be looking to go back to school because you want to improve yourself, set a good example for your children or aspire to President Obama's recent challenge:

"I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education..."

Just imagine yourself a few years from now with your college degree in hand, about to embark on an exciting new career and make twice as much money. Imagine how proud your your kids will be of their newly educated dad.

To find out about all the different scholarships for dads and single fathers and register for the $10,000 scholarship award, simply click on scholarship for moms and dads. It will only take a minute of your time. The next winner will be announced shortly.

Important Note:Make sure to fill in all the required fields (required fields are marked with an asterisk) and press the big red Submit button to send in your application. To submit your application before the deadline, just click the REGISTER NOW Button below:

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