Saving My Marriage

by Ruth Larsen
(Madison, WI)

Saving My Marriage

I am a new step mom to 3 kids who hate me. They are 17, 20, and 22. I also have 3 children who are married and love my new husband of 6 months. The trouble is the 20 year old who has almost broken up our marriage by telling lies.

She has since tried to move back in with her mother and stepfather which lasted a week and also with a grandma that lasted 3 days. She does not work or drive and doesn't want to.

Our marriage took her Dad 43 miles away, also her source of money and housing. She also has the other family members against me and my kids. My husband is ready to call it quits.

He just got divorced 3 years ago and tells me a lot of times he loves his ex yet (in a different way). He can't understand why I don't want to hear it. He keeps love letters in his Bible and pictures with him when he travels.

When his children see this, they may think their dad still loves mom and maybe we can break this new relationship up. I am trying to adjust to having our bedroom with my husband's ex wife's pictures in tubs in the closet and I hate it.

His son recently downloaded porn on my computer and my husband doesn't believe it. It seems like it is my children who are bad and his are the God Loving Saints.

There was an issue with the 20 year old and my 21 year old drinking and my husband said his daughter said she was made to drink. Well I got another version of the story from my daughter and I told my daughter just to stay away as she lives in another state. I wonder if I can get past this and work to start saving my marriage.

Did I mention I love my husband very much and he worth saving this marriage for?

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Jan 22, 2009
Saving My Marriage
by: Laura Ramirez

Hi Ruth,

I am glad you sent in your "saving my marriage" question because I just finished reviewing a relationship program that is extraordinary and that I believe will help you. Since you can get it on a trial basis for 30-days there is no risk.

The program is a series of DVDs and a workbook led by a renown psychologist who will teach you simple techniques to help you and your husband get on the same page about all the important issues and help you get beyond resentments caused by meddling step kids and the other issues that come up in any marriage (including your husband's refusal to let go of his ex-wife.) It will help you connect and rediscover the deep, abiding love that attracted you together and made you want to marry each other in the first place.

I will be posting a review of this program to my site shortly, but for now, please take my recommendation and click on saving my marriage to learn more about the program and what you will get with it. If you and your husband watch the DVD's together (or if you just watch them if he refuses) and do even a few of the exercises in this program, I promise you will be delighted with the results.

Your marriage is definitely worth saving ... you and your husband just need to learn some important skills. Good luck to you and thanks for writing in.

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