Rough Housing

Is it necessary to allow children (ages 8, 6 and almost 4) to engage in rough housing: running, jumping and wrestling in the house? My son lives with me with his 3 children. He allows this rough play and behavior and thinks I am too strict.

The kids jump on furniture, including their beds, throw things (pillows, toys, etc.) and basically run wild whenever they do not see an adult in the room.

I ignore a lot of their rough play ... noise, constant movement, etc., but have a very hard time accepting the "rough housing" as appropriate behavior.

We live in the Midwest, so it's not possible to let them play outdoors during winter months.

Thanks for your help!

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Jan 12, 2009
rough housing
by: Anonymous

I have 2 children my own and also live in the Midwest. My son is 6; and I have much more of a problem with him getting stir-crazy during the winter than my 2 yr old daughter. Unfortunately he tends to get her wound up as well and then it becomes very frustrating around my house. My advice is to give the children more one- on -one attention. We have a box full of puzzles and broad games, and I find the more one- on -one attention I can give them; the calmer they are, and the happier they are. They listen better, and don't whine as much. I also try to have my son spend time with other boys his age, that aren't siblings or at school. Our community has community centers at many of the schools that are open weekends and after school that allow them time to be a little more active; running around in an approved envirnment, I mean. You may want to look into winter sports as well. Snowbroading, sking, sleding, ice skating. Yes it gets cold in the Midwest, but layer them in warm clothes on decent days and they will still have fun. They may be your son's children, but if they are living in your house, they need to respect you and behave. Talk to your son about ways to let these children play in a way that is healthy. Good luck

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