The Ritalin-ADHD Debate: Should You Give Ritalin to Your Child?


Despite the widespread use of ADHD drugs, many parents and doctors still consider their use controversial. Does the drug merely mask deeper issues? Is it a convenient fix for high-energy kids? Is it an easy way for teachers to maintain authority and ensure compliance? Does it set up kids for recreational drug use later on in life?

Is it helpful to some kids? Does it minimize the symptoms of ADD or ADHD?

Do its benefits outweigh its risks?

When asking yourself questions about prescription drug use, first and foremost ask whether it's beneficial for your child. Don't ask whether your life would be easier or if your child's teacher's life would be easier if your child was taking Ritalin. The bottom line question is: does the use of the drug seem to benefit my child? Does it help him maintain the attention and focus required to learn? Does it help keep him calm in challenging situations?

Although there are many parents out there whose children have received benefits from the use of Ritalin, always ask yourself if there is an alternative to drugs. If you find one, try it first. Devise a plan, stick to it and see if your child improves. One natural supplement I highly recommend (which has received some glowing parent testimonials who have written me to share their success with my readers) is Focus ADHD for Children and Adults It is not expensive and is definitely worth a try, especially since parents seem to notice a positive difference within a week or so or giving their child the daily supplement.

Don't feel guilty if the only choice is to give your child a prescription drug. Many parents swear by medication use because they've witnessed improvements in their child. Remember above all, that this is a personal decision: one that might be recommended by a doctor or teacher, but a decision that only you and your spouse or partner can make for your child. Gather as much information as possible and make the decision that feels best for your child.

Whether you choose to give your child natural supplements or drugs, consider trying this behavioral program which will teach your child the coping skills he needs to curb impulsive behavior, calm himself, focus and complete the task at-hand. This is an at-home program that was developed by a therapist who has been helping kids with ADHD transform their behavior and learn skills that will last a lifetime.

ADHD Alternative Treatment - a natural, holistic supplement that my readers have written to tell me about. This medicine is safe and effective with no side effects. Read all about it.

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